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I need to evaluate which Perl for Windows is running at a machine I have got remote access to. I already used

perl -v


perl -V

which gives me already the version number etc. But how can I find out, if it is ActiveState Perl or Strawberry Perl or something else? My first guess at the moment is, that I am just blind or something...

Thanks in advance.

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this is like asking is it centos, suse or debian perl? –  Сухой27 Jun 25 '13 at 8:33
But I need to know how it was compiled to install the correct module... If it is a pure perl module... sure... no problem, but if it has c-compiled parts, i need to know how it was compiled to get the correct module-version. Or am I mistaken? If so, can you please explain where I am mistaken? Thanks –  Diskilla Jun 25 '13 at 8:36
@Diskilla then you don't want to know whether it's strawberry or activestate; you want to know the info about how it was compiled. That's in Config under entries like $Config{cc}, $Config{cflags}, $Config{ld}, etc. All of which also shows up under perl -V. –  hobbs Jun 30 '13 at 16:19
@Diskilla if you use this information properly then you can build for any perl, not just those two. And see also ExtUtils::CBuilder. –  hobbs Jun 30 '13 at 16:21
@hobbs Thank you for this Information. I'll look into that. –  Diskilla Jul 1 '13 at 19:45

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perl -V:myuname
perl -MConfig -e "print $Config{myuname}"


Win32 strawberryperl #1 Wed Apr 28 11:51:06 2010 i386
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YES! THank you so much :D That was exactly what I needed. –  Diskilla Jun 25 '13 at 8:48
I found another solution which is shorter. perl -e 'print $^O' –  Diskilla Oct 14 '13 at 7:30
@Diskilla I'm afraid that $^O doesn't know about Strawberry vs Activestate. –  Сухой27 Oct 14 '13 at 7:49
Yeah. You are right. It only tells the OS. I'm going to edit the comment to correct it. Thanks. (Edit: No i won't. I can't anymore...) –  Diskilla Oct 15 '13 at 8:50

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