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I am on RailsTutorial by Michael Hartl on chapter 10 and did some extra stuff to add a paperclip image to every micropost. As I added a photo to the Micropost, I call it a Microphoto.
As now I did the following:

  1. Migrating the database correctly

    class AddPhotoclipToMicrophotos < ActiveRecord::Migration
      def self.up
        add_column :microphotos, :photoclip_file_name, :string
        add_column :microphotos, :photoclip_content_type, :string
        add_column :microphotos, :photoclip_file_size, :integer
        add_column :microphotos, :photoclip_updated_at, :datetime
      def self.down
        remove_column :microphotos, :photoclip_updated_at
        remove_column :microphotos, :photoclip_file_name
        remove_column :microphotos, :photoclip_content_type
        remove_column :microphotos, :photoclip_file_size
  2. Changing the microphotos model and controller

  3. Writing some view

And this is my files:

User Model

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  require "paperclip" 
  attr_accessible :name, :email, :password, :password_confirmation, :avatar,
:avatar_file_name, :avatar_content_type, :avatar_file_size, :avatar_updated_at
  has_many :microphotos, dependent: :destroy
  has_attached_file :avatar, :styles => { :large => "120x120>", :medium => "48x48>", :thumb => "26x26>" }
  def feed
    # This is preliminary. See "Following users" for the full implementation.
    Microphoto.where("user_id = ?", id)

Microphoto Model

class Microphoto < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :content, :votes_down, :votes_up, :photoclip,
  :photoclip_file_name, :photoclip_content_type, :photoclip_file_size, :photoclip_updated_at
  belongs_to :user
  has_attached_file :photoclip, :styles => { :large => "500x400>", :medium => "100x80>" }
  validates :content, presence: true, length: { maximum: 140 }  
  validates :user_id, presence: true
  default_scope order: 'microphotos.created_at DESC'

Microphotos Controller

class MicrophotosController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :signed_in_user, only: [:create, :destroy]
  def index
  def create
    @microphoto = current_user.microphotos.build(params[:microphoto])
    if @microphoto.save
      flash[:success] = "Your photo has been uploaded successfully!"
      redirect_to root_url
      render 'static_pages/home'
  def destroy

I want two things to have in my views:

  • Show list of all microphotos from all users on his/her home page just for signed_in user
  • Show list of all microphotos from current user on his/her own page just for signed_in user
    For first one I have /views/static_pages/home.html.erb & /views/shared/_feed.html.erb & /views/shared/_feed_item.html.erb files.
    For second one I have /views/users/show.html.erb & _microphoto.html.erb files.

views/static_pages/home.html.erb (Homepage)

<% if signed_in? %>
  <div class="span8">
    <h3>Uploaded Photos</h3>
    <%= render 'shared/feed' %>
<% else %>
  <div>Some static page datat</div>
<% end %>


<% if @feed_items.any? %>
  <ol class="microphotos">
    <%= render partial: 'shared/feed_item', collection: @feed_items %>
<%= will_paginate @feed_items %>
<% end %>


<li id="<%= feed_item.id %>">
  <%= image_tag feed_item.photoclip.url(:large) %>
  <span class="user">
    <%= link_to feed_item.user.name, feed_item.user %>
  <span class="content"><%= feed_item.content %></span>

I got the first thing to work, but the second on is pending...


<div class="row">
  <div class="span8">
    <% if @user.microphotos.any? %>
      <h3>Microphotos (<%= @user.microphotos.count %>)</h3>
      <ol class="microphotos">
        <%= render @microphotos %>
      <%= will_paginate @microphotos %>
    <% end %>


  <%= image_tag @user.microphotos.photoclip.url(:medium) %>
  <span class="content"><%= microphoto.content %></span>
  <span class="timestamp">
    Posted <%= time_ago_in_words(microphoto.created_at) %> ago.

so by visiting the address:
http://localhost:3000/users/1, it gives me the following error:

undefined method `photoclip' for - ActiveRecord::Relation:0xb50829f0

But every micropho, has a photoclip in database. Please help. and I have another question relating to this project. would you please let me know If I can link the second one to this, avoiding from providing this whole bunch of details again?

To show microphotos from all users on homepage I used this:

def feed

in my User model.

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It happens because @user.microphotos is set of microphotos instead of single microphoto record. You should rather do:

  <%= render @user.microphotos %>
<%= will_paginate @user.microphotos %>

in your views/users/show.html.erb and:

<%= image_tag microphoto.photoclip.url(:medium) %>

in views/microphotos/_microphoto.html.erb.

To have all microphotos in home page, you should probably do:

def feed

in your User model.

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thanks, it works! I think I am realy tired as I am working three whole days. I will accept it soon –  Arash Jun 25 '13 at 8:48
would you please answer to the ending q? in this post? –  Arash Jun 25 '13 at 8:49
Could you explain what do you want to link exactly? –  Marek Lipka Jun 25 '13 at 8:50
I have another question about this project. I dont want to repeat this whole bunch of data again. As I am new to stackoverflow, is this correct to just ask the other question and link that question to this to provide controllers, models, etc? –  Arash Jun 25 '13 at 9:04
Honestly I don't know. I am really active here for about month, so I'm not the best person to answer this question. –  Marek Lipka Jun 25 '13 at 9:07

@user.microphotos is a relation, meaning an array of photos pertaining to the user. What you want to do is iterate over @user.microphotos and display each photo, like this

<% image_tag @user.microphotos.each do |photoclip| %>
    <%= image_tag photoclip.url(:medium) %>
    <span class="content"><%= photoclip.content %></span>
    <span class="timestamp">
      Posted <%= time_ago_in_words(photoclip.created_at) %> ago.
<% end %>
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