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I need an div (for advertisement) that slides down like here (when loading the page):

Tricky part: When I click on the [x] the whole div should disappear. I want it to disappear for the Browser Session or better for the IP that accessed it. Saving it to a Cookie would also be a solution.

How can I do that? Thanks

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simply write a cookie - see or google for more informaion. if the cookie is not set you do the sliding + set the cookie - when its set you ignore it.

in a cookie you can put in a lifetime, so it stays for multiple sessions. as long as the user comes with the same browser it should work.

When you want to do soemthing with the ip, you have to use a server side technique - which i dont recommend in this use case.

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As you say, you can save it using a cookie. There is an abundance of JQuery cookie handlers out there, e.g. this.

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