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I'm trying to implement a function that returns all entries of my table that contains polygons (that describe areas) within a specific radius (distance). I found the function SDO_GEOM.SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE and read this post.

Since this is a theoretical approach and I have no real data - and I'm not a native speaker, I'm not sure at all if this function is able to do that.

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First of all, you need to use the SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE operator, not the SDO_GEOM.WITHIN_DISTANCE function. The first will perform a search using the spatial index on the polygons table. The second will not (and so will be very slow).

Then SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE may or may not be what you need, depending on the way you define "within a radius". If by that you mean that the closest border of a polygon must be within the radius, then SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE is what you need.

Let's assume you have a table AREAS (ID, GEOMETRY) and a table LOCATIONS (ID, GEOMETRY) and you want to find all areas within 10 km of point 42:

select a.id
from areas a, locations l
where l.id=42
and sdo_within_distance (a.geometry, l.geometry, 'distance=10 unit=km') = 'TRUE';

On the other hand, if you want to find polygons that are completely contained within the radius, then you need to construct a buffer of 10 km and use that as a search area to find the matching polygons:

select a.id
from areas a, locations l
where l.id=42
and sdo_inside (
  sdo_geom.sdo_buffer ( 
) = 'TRUE';
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It's possible to use SDO_GEOM.SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE in a WHERE clause to do what you want - i.e. restrict the rows based on their distance from an origin shape.

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