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i am creating a veiw page in my rails application this is my view page :

        <%= stylesheet_link_tag    "$.multiselect2side", :media => "all" %>
        <%= javascript_include_tag "$.multiselect2side" %>

            $().ready(function() {
            function callGrade(grade_value_123) {
                var id = grade_value_123;


        <div class="container">

            <h1> <%= @message%> </h1>
            <%= select(:grade,:id,@distinct_grade_list,{},:onchange => "callGrade(this.value)")%>
            <%= select(:period,:id,@distinct_period_list)%>
            <%= select(:student_name,:id,@student_name_list,{},{ :multiple => true, :size => 4 }) %>

            <%= radio_button_tag(:age, :child,{},:onclick => "callMe(") %><%= label_tag(:age_child, :" General Curriculum") %>
            <%= radio_button_tag(:age, :adult) %><%= label_tag(:age_adult, :"Common Core Standards") %>

            <div id="farzi" style="border: 3px solid red;margin-top: 20px">
                <% form_tag('call_ajax', :method=>'post', :multipart => true) do %>
                    <br />
                    <%= text_field_tag "subject" %>
                    <br />
                    <%= select_tag("priority", options_for_select([['Critical', '1'],
                    ['Important', '2'],['Standard','3']], '3')) %>
                    Describe your problem:
                    <br />
                    <%= text_area_tag "description", "", :size=>"50x20" %>
                    Add an attachment:
                    <br />
                    <%= file_field_tag "attachment" %>
                    <%= submit_tag 'Submit' %>
                <% end %>


now when i execute the page , the page doent display any form ,

and when i check the page source , there is no form content inside the div with id= farzi

in the page source from browser it shows

 <div id="farzi" style="border: 3px solid red;margin-top: 20px">

any explanation ??

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<% form_tag('call_ajax', :method=>'post', :multipart => true) do %>

with this

<%= form_tag('call_ajax', :method=>'post', :multipart => true) do %>

The <%= is used to output data from ruby in html.erb. If you just execute first command, it will return the correct data, but it won't output anything in html.

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