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I have weird problem where I'm storing some data in the $_SESSION variable. The problem lies between line 8 and 9. Somehow data is not stored in the session. And I'm clueless where the problem can lie.

When assigning the $data variable to session, it works, but when assining something from $data to session it doesn't work! But the line 7 shows me that accessing the $data array works.

Where is the problem?

Here link is an example of print_r($_SESSION)


 1: $ldap = new adLDAP();
 2: $ldap->authenticate($username, $password);
 3: $ldapUser = $ldap->user();
 4: $data = $ldapUser->info($username, $this->ldapInfo);
 5: $managerArr = explode(',', $data[0]['manager'][0]);
 6: $managerCN = explode('=', $managerArr[0]);
 7: $this->log->debug("Display Name = " . $data[0]['displayname'][0]);
 8: //$_SESSION['ldap_raw'] = $data; // <--- this freakin works
 9: $_SESSION[UserDetails::sessionInfoName][UserDetails::sessionInfoTitleName] = $data[0]['title'][0];
10: $_SESSION[UserDetails::sessionInfoName][UserDetails::sessionInfoTelephoneNumber] = $data[0]['telephonenumber'][0];
11: $_SESSION[UserDetails::sessionInfoName][UserDetails::sessionInfoDisplayNameName] = $data[0]['displayname'][0]);

UserDetails::sessionInfoName and UserDetails::sessionInfoXXXXYYYY are constants defined in the class UserDetails

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Please provide UserDetails::sessionInfo* and $data most likely you're referencing array keys that don't exist (and ignoring the notices). –  AD7six Jun 25 '13 at 9:50
@AvnerSolomon why do you say that? –  STT LCU Jun 25 '13 at 9:50
Try $_SESSION[UserDetails::sessionInfoName] = array() first –  jcubic Jun 25 '13 at 9:51
@jcubic, you're not at "Stackoverflow: the Question and Guesses website" –  STT LCU Jun 25 '13 at 9:53
@AvnerSolomon What one earth do you mean!!?? The is a one of several methods you can set a value in an array and as $_SESSION is an array, of course you can use it like that! –  Ben Carey Jun 25 '13 at 9:55

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The issue is obviously NOT to do with session_start() as you have clearly stated that it works when you explicitly set the array key.

You must follow the following steps to determine what the issue is:

  1. Print the UserDetails object and ensure the values you are retrieving are set AND also ensure they are public.
  2. Print $data to ensure that you have the right levels set in your array. For instance, you are referencing $data[0]['title'][0], this might actually be $data[0]['title'].

This is likely to just be a minor error in the variables/objects you are referencing as there is nothing syntactically incorrect with your code, therefore printing this data should reveal what the issue is!

Do the following:

$ldap = new adLDAP();
$ldap->authenticate($username, $password);
$ldapUser = $ldap->user();
$data = $ldapUser->info($username, $this->ldapInfo);
$managerArr = explode(',', $data[0]['manager'][0]);
$managerCN = explode('=', $managerArr[0]);
$this->log->debug("Display Name = " . $data[0]['displayname'][0]);

// Print the $data array

// Print the UserDetails object instance

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