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I need to develop a web application that communicates to a socket in two different way carrying different types of messages.

  1. Web application sends messages to socket and wait for a response for it. (two way communication)
  2. Socket pushes messages to web application without a request. (one way communication) The size of messages may vary by types, so the socket sends a message containing a pre-considerd number of characters telling the length of the following message.

Can you please suggest a design or technology to accomplish this communication in an efficient way in a multi-threaded environment?

Thanks in advance,

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SignalR - Your problem: Solved.

Seriously, this is exactly what SignalR is designed for.

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But my question is about the communication between socket server and iis server not about the communication between iis server and clients. I'm already using SignalR for that part. –  anilca Jun 25 '13 at 11:25

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