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please assist me in this ,,,

I have a tcl array called all_tags ,, but the thing is i need to convert it into a javascript array in my page but i am weak when it comes to javascript .

please advise me if below is correct and if not ,,what is the right way ?

var mytags = new Array();
foreach tag $all_tags {
     ns_puts [subst {

and afterwards is it possible to use my javascript array in a tcl proc ?

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Is it an array or a list? Tcl arrays are more like JS objects than JS arrays (which are in turn more like Tcl lists). – Donal Fellows Jun 25 '13 at 12:27
well it was a tcl array but now I have turned it into a tcl list of {{key value} {key value} ....} ,,and I need to turn it into javascript array of key and value ,, can you help me with that please ? – sisimh Jun 25 '13 at 12:50
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To turn data in Tcl into JSON, you want the json::write package from Tcllib. You'd use it like this to make a JSON object from a Tcl array (and a similar approach works for Tcl dictionaries):

package require json::write

set accumulate {}
foreach {key value} [array get yourArray] {
    lappend accumulate $key [json::write string $value]
set theJsonObject [json::write object {*}$accumulate]

To turn a Tcl list into a JSON array:

package require json::write
set accumulate {}
foreach item $yourList {
    lappend accumulate [json::write string $value]
set theJsonArray [json::write array {*}$accumulate]

Note in these two cases I've assumed that the values are all to be represented as JSON strings. If the values to embed are numbers (or true or false) you don't need to do anything special; the values as Tcl sees them work just fine as JSON literals. Embedding lists/arrays/dicts takes “recursive” use of json::write and a bit more planning — it's not automatic as Tcl and JSON have really very different concepts of types.

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If you've got something specific you want to achieve, do ask another question with more detail so that it will guide us better to a helpful answer. – Donal Fellows Jun 25 '13 at 19:35
thanks a lot ! yes it turned into a json list :) I wanted to use it to keep changing the content of a select list based on the change that happens in the tcl array :D Many thanks @Donal Fellows – sisimh Jun 28 '13 at 14:32

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