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I have my jsp page, when the user reaches this jsp, it downloads some data from dataBase and puts it into <form:select>, but I think what if there are not data in DB, so the user has to put it by himself. How can I realize it by spring forms or jQuery or jsp tag lib??

<tr id="name">
<td><form:label path="name">Имя учреждения</form:label>
<form:select   path="name"> 
<form:option  value="">-Select data-</form:option>
<form:options items="${listOfInstitutionsNames}"/>
</td> <td><b><font color="#FF0000"><form:errors path="creationDate.particularDate"/></font></b></td>

As you can see selectdata which uploads for user from database to form:select. But what I want is to give the user to choose what he wants to do: input y himself or select using <form:select>

Thank you.

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Can you show any code, otherwise it is impossible to help you. – Uooo Jun 25 '13 at 10:37
I hope it will be enough. – java_user Jun 25 '13 at 14:15

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