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I'm a Non-US developer building an iOS app that will also run outside US.

I've searched for a while about when will the iOS SDK be available outside US but couldn't find anything.

I´d be glad if someone knows when it will be released and where can I follow the released date.

Thanks in advance

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Nobody except PayPal knows exactly when the SDK will be released.

If you want to work with PayPal, it looks like you don't have any options: you have to keep using MPL.

According to this in the first couple paragraphs of https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/integration/mobile/ios-integration-guide/

PayPal is replacing the Mobile Payments Libraries (MPL) with the PayPal iOS SDK. The PayPal iOS SDK is currently available in the US, with more country support coming soon. US developers should upgrade now for more features and a better mobile experience. Non-US developers, you can continue to use MPL for the time being.

I would suggest e-mailing or contacting PayPal to tell them to allow worldwide developers in on the fun of the new iOS SDK a.s.a.p.

Or that you'll be considering making a permanent to a different payment processor (e.g. Dwolla or who knows what else?).

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Are the any news about this?? –  Martin Muñoz Aug 18 '13 at 19:29

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