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When using the mainframe DB2 adapter for Microsoft BizTalk 2009, is there any way to get the generated schema to contain all the columns in the result set?

We get a simple schema generated, the response contains a record/element called "ResultSets" with a data structure of 'xs:anyType'.

If I recall, this works okay in MS/SQL server stored procs (but memory is shakey - I think we had to change add the "for xml auto" to the select statement while doing the generate data).

Would any other adapter work? What about the new WCF/LOB adapters?

Here's another summary of this issue that I just found:

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I posted that question in MSDN forum for HIS, and they said it doesn't do that. I think the DB2 interface is very un-baked and un-tested. You also have to set the response schema to "Unqualified", but seems like the request schema's "element form default?" has to be "qualified, thus resulting in two different schemas - i.e. you have to split the schema that they generate into two.

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