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Here is my code:


    import subprocess

    asciidoc_file_name = '/tmp/redoc_2013-06-25_12:52:19.txt'
    asciidoc_call = ["asciidoc","-b docbook45",asciidoc_file_name]
    print asciidoc_call

And here is the output:

    labamba@lambada:~$ ./debug.py
    ['asciidoc', '-b docbook45', '/tmp/redoc_2013-06-25_12:52:19.txt']
    asciidoc: FAILED: missing backend conf file:  docbook45.conf
    labamba@lambada:~$ asciidoc -b docbook45 /tmp/redoc_2013-06-25_12\:52\:19.txt
    labamba@lambada:~$ file /tmp/redoc_2013-06-25_12\:52\:19.xml
    /tmp/redoc_2013-06-25_12:52:19.xml: XML document text
    labamba@lambada:~$ file /etc/asciidoc/docbook45.conf
    /etc/asciidoc/docbook45.conf: HTML document, ASCII text, with very long lines

When called via python subprocess, asciidoc complains about a missing config file. When called on the command line, everything is fine, and the config file is there. Can anyone make sense out of this? I'm lost.

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is the config file in the same path as the python program that calls subprocess? –  Ionut Hulub Jun 25 '13 at 11:29
check if the asciidoc invoked by the command line is the same as that invoked by Python: do subprocess.check_output(['which' 'asciidoc']) in python, and which asciidoc on the command line. Do you see the same paths? –  Dhara Jun 25 '13 at 11:29
There is only one asciidoc. The config file is not in the same path, but /etc/asciidoc/, where it should be. It turns out the solution is the accepted answer. –  Isaac Jun 25 '13 at 12:48

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Try this:

asciidoc_call = ["asciidoc","-b", "docbook45", asciidoc_file_name]

the other call would call ascidoc with "-b docbook45" as one single option, which won't work.

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