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I am using Apache shiro in my project. It provides some default filters to filter url. Now I come across a problem about filtering url. If has API like '/rest/user/info', if its method is GET, this api can be visited by anyone, but if it is POST it just can be visited by admin. I found the dafault filter 'rest' but it helps nothing. Does anyone can give some advice? Thanks.

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config like this:

<property name="filterChainDefinitions">
     /login = authc
     /logout = logout
     /rest/user/info = rest[user:info]
  1. post /rest/user/info needs perms[user:info:create]
  2. get /rest/user/info needs perms[user:info:read]
  3. ...

give admin perms[user:info:create] and perms[user:info:read],give others only perms[user:info:read]. set user's permissions in doGetAuthorizationInfo method of Realm.

protected AuthorizationInfo doGetAuthorizationInfo(PrincipalCollection principals) {
        SimpleAuthorizationInfo info = new SimpleAuthorizationInfo();
        return info;
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Sorry for reply you so late for some reasons, thanks a lot, with your example I read the document again I find something helpful, thanks – aldrich Jul 4 '13 at 13:31

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