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I use visual studio 2012 and create portable class library for define my database domain. when I use class library , can add System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations and System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Schema reference and can use Foreignkey , Table and NotMapped attribute to define my domain class. but when create portable class library I can't use this attribute and can't add above reference. I want to create Silverlight application and can't reference class library to it.

thanks in advance.

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Simply because ForeignKeyAttribute is only supported in .net 4.5 and not Portable Class Library. Check compatibility here (icons).

Because Silverlight is "going" to die, this will never be supported.

There were many addition in .net 4.5 and for System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace, there are also unsupported new attributes in PCL.

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so.How can define foreignkey in domain. – mehdi lotfi Jun 25 '13 at 12:02

You can use the EntityFramework fluent API approach for registering any of your POCO class/property attributes that are not supported in PCL. The other option is to use conventions in your naming of your POCO properties. More information can be found here

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