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I just generated the Google Maps API key to use in my android app. I had to provide the SHA-1 fingerprint and the package name for the application. It looked something like this:


As you can see I had to provide the package name for the app. So, does this mean that I need to get a different API key for different applications?

PS: Curiously, somehow, Google generated two API keys for the SHA-1 and package name combination I entered. Is this normal? And so, which one should I use?

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You can use the same keystore and the API key for different applications.

  1. Use the same key to sign your apps.
  2. Add a line for each application in the Console page.

So, something like this:


And now, you can use the same API key with all these apps.

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You don't even have to use the same signing key. You may have single Google Maps Android API v2 key for your debug signing key and multiple release keys. –  MaciejGórski Jun 25 '13 at 12:57
But why does Google provide me with two keys for that one keystroke I entered? –  Born Again Jun 25 '13 at 13:33

You can use the same SHA-1 print for different pacakages, but you'll have to make different API keys for different apps. And yes, Google will generate a new key everytime you make a request.

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