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I am trying to send keystrokes to cmd.exe that I launch from my app. In doing so, I am able to send all the keyboard characters, but if I try to send Backspace, it doesnt seem to take effect. The following is the code snippet to send message to cmd.exe:

SendMessage((int)shell.MainWindowHandle, WM_KEYDOWN, ((int)e.KeyCode), 0);
SendMessage((int)shell.MainWindowHandle, WM_KEYUP, ((int)e.KeyCode), 0);

Any idea why this wouldnt work? What is the best way to send to the stdin of cmd.exe from a C# app?

thanks in advance

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You will have to P/Invoke SendInput() because Backspace is processed by the keyboard driver directly.

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string msg = "Hello Cmd";

int i=0; for (i=0; i < msg.Length ; i++)

SendMessage(cmdHwnd, WM_CHAR, (int)msg[i], 0);

the above method helps you input any character in a string also CAPS and Space are considered.

The only problem is what I am facing is if u send message previously and it is still processing then a string having same character twice like "channel" then string entered is chanel and not channel. I am currently finding a solution for this problem.

Murali can u share you code with me for KEYDOWN and KEYUP with KeyCode.



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use the ascii code: backspace --> OCT 0x10, char 'BS'

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The problem with sendinput is that it requires the console app to be in the foreground. But I am actually keeping it hidden and capturing inputs and outputs to it. :( Also e.KeyCode was 0x8 that matches with the ascii code for BS – Murali Nov 13 '09 at 20:00

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