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I have the following code using rangy, which allows users to apply a class to selected text:

<div><span>This is some text that users can select</span></div>

When a user selects text and applies a class the code turns into:

 <div><span>This is some <span class='someclass'>text</span> users can select</span</div>

I need a way to end the previous span tag first and then create a new one after:

<div><span>This is some </span><span class='someclass'>text</span><span> users can select</span</div>

The rangy library does not have a built in way to do this. I tried using:




but that did not work.

Any ideas?

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So if I understand correctly, if the user selects text, and that text is within the span, you want to split the current span into x spans (max would be 3) – Nix Jun 25 '13 at 13:15
yes sir, that is correct - as opposed to having the new user-selected span nested inside the parent span. – RyanY Jun 25 '13 at 13:18
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Something like this will do

        if(this.nodeType == 3){
            $(this).wrap('<span />')

Demo: Fiddle

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Worked perfectly, what a fabulous solution. Thanks – RyanY Jun 26 '13 at 11:19

The fastest way is to change the code for handling the span class insertion into:

insert before selection

</span><span class='someclass'>

and after selection


Play with range and surroundContents:

var spanparent = $('div > span').get(0);
var range = document.createRange();

// create <span>This is some </span>
var startSpan = document.createElement("span");

// create <span> users can select</span>
var endSpan = document.createElement("span");

//  <span>
//      <span>This is some </span>
//      <span class="someclass">text</span>
//      <span> users can select</span>
//  </span>

// remove the outer span
var contents = $(spanparent).html();
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If you're able to modify the library, this is very good. – oooyaya Jun 25 '13 at 15:15
I am not sure that I can change the library like that. It certain would be ideal. – RyanY Jun 25 '13 at 23:36

hope this helps

Give the div an id of lets say myDiv.

   var selectedText = ""; // Store the selected text in this variable
   var indexOfText = $("#myDiv").text().indexOf(selectedText);
   var originalString = $("#myDiv").text();
   var part1 = originalString.substring(0, indexOfText);
   var part2 = originalString.substring(indexOfText + selectedText.length, originalString.length - 1);
   var newString = "<span>" + part1 + "</span><span>" + selectedText + "</span><span>" + part2 + "</span>";
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