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Yesterday I updated my old chromedriver(v2.0.204324.dyu) with new one uploaded at and now I see all chromedriver logs in the console instead of chromedriver.log file.

the previous version of chromedriver creates chromedriver.log automatically and puts all logs there.

I don't wanna see chromedriver logs in the console.

Any ideas how not to show logs in the console?

Thanks, Anna

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Support for this was added in Selenium-Webdriver v2.33.0 (see Issue 3475).

You can specify the log path by adding the service_log_path option to the browser initialization.

#Path and file for the log output
LOG_FILE = 'C:\Users\test\Desktop\chromedriver.log'      

#Start browser with the service_log_path option      
b = :chrome, :service_log_path => LOG_FILE
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