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I have an angularjs app, which validates certain input fields. I was looking to write unit tests via Jasmine to test and maintain the validity of these fields.

NOTE: The validation works fine normally, just with jasmine, it doesn't seem to update. The unit tests have no syntax errors, but simply result in:

Error: Expected false to equal true.
   at new jasmine.ExpectationResult
   at null.toEqual
   at null.<anonymous>
   at jasmine.Block.execute
   at jasmine.Queue.next_
   at chrome-extension

For instance, I have, in the directives:

}).directive('billingNumberPopup', function() {
return {
    require: 'ngModel',
    link: function(scope, elm, attrs, ctrl) {

                function() {
                    return ctrl.$viewValue;
        function numValidation(viewValue){
            if (!viewValue || viewValue == "" ||  (!viewValue.toString().match(/[a-z]/gi) && viewValue.toString().match(/[0-9]/g).length == 6)){

and then from my unit tests...

    it('Check if validation works', function(){
    var len = $scope.dataToPost.length;
        $scope.dataToPost[len].billingNumber = "HELLO";});


where "HELLO" is not a valid billing number, and scope.dataToPost is the data that is binded to the input fields. I would assume, that changing the value, and calling $scope.$apply would trigger validation, any suggestions?

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My understanding is that directives are a bit of a pain in the ass to unit test. Perhaps moving your validation tests into the e2e testing would be easier? – Karl Zilles Jun 25 '13 at 17:20
Yes, thanks a lot for steering me in the right direction. Although it would have been nice for Jasmine to be able to test directives, I guess I'll go with e2e for testing directives. Thanks Again! – Chris Hajduk Jun 26 '13 at 15:12

The jasmine error indicates that you are trying to access a null object.

This appears to occur when you are accessing the len instead of the len - 1 index of the array. Try changing the expectation to:

expect($("input[ng-model='d.billingNumber']")[len - 1].classList.contains("ng-invalid")).toEqual(true);
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