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I have an app I have developed using native technologies across iOS, Android, and WP. I began porting over to C# using Xamarin and stumbled across MvvmCross. One of the core features of the app is a Group ListView with several different custom cell types.

Question #1: Does MvvmCross have a cross platform Group ListView control? I found this, but it appears to be only Android.

Question #2: Is there a way to do implicit template selection in MvvmCross? Right now the implementation of these ListViews is pretty different platform to platform. On WP, I found an example to do implicit template selection. Is something like this possible with MvxListView?

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A few of the samples show how to use cell type selection. See:

For more on available table source base classes see What class to inherit from for bound table source

For another user's ideas on grouped tables, also see their comments in mvvmcross MvxActionBasedTableViewSource as groupped table

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