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I`m implementing drag&drop in browser.

    var holder = document.getElementById('myholder');
    holder.ondragover = function () { 
      console.log("drag over event");  
    holder.ondrop = function (e) {
    //do whatever

Name of my PC is "PC1". The problem is, when I accessing url: loclahost/DragDropExample.htm and dragging some text from other IE10 window onto my "holder", the ondragover event triggering fine. But when I accessing PC1/DragDropExample.htm and dragging some text onto "holder" area, the event is NOT triggering. It happens only in IE. Other browsers work fine. This is happening only when I drag from IE to IE. Any ideas?

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You are doing a crossdomain drag and drop, you need to disable that security feature in ie settings. please refer to:


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