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I'm learning how to use the next search plugin: http://grails.org/plugin/filterpane

I'm executing the example project of the plugin: https://github.com/Grails-Plugin-Consortium/grails-filterpane-demo/

I want to hide the combo box:

default combo box screenshot

For example, let say we want to filter as follow:

enter image description here

Is it possible with this plugin? Do you recommend to use another one? Do you recommend to do it manually without any plugin?

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You have to override filterpane template.

  • Create file grails-app/views/_filterpane/_filterpaneProperty.gsp

  • Insert original source.

  • Change select tag with a hidden field.

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Thanks for answering. I think what you say would work, but I cannot try it. I did this question six months ago. I decided to program the filter - search manually. As I think this solution is correct, I'm going to mark it as correct for future searches. –  chelder Dec 24 '13 at 0:45

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