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first of all, i have searched so hard using Google about this problem but what i found are something like 'how to redirect the one who receive the request' or ''sent requests but the friends didnt get them' , etc.

i'm using Unity developing my game app, connecting to facebook using UniShare plugin which include Authorization, Get user info, share, like , BUT nothing about sending request. So i search info developers.facebook.com and find the way to send request using something like "http://www.facebook.com/dialog/apprequests?app_id=&message=&redirect_uri=callbackUrl" called by AndroidJavaClass webView (which is written by UniShare , so i cannot add or modify anything about it) or Application.OpenUrl())

the result is i can send the request to my friends properly ! my friends also can get the request and being redirected to what i set in myapp in developers.facebook

The problem is after the sender comfirm to send the request, he will be redirected to 'callbackUrl' which cannot be the App.

Anyone has ideas how to redirect the sender automatically after he comfirm sending the request ?

ps. note that in the Authorization process which is kind of similar to this user will be redirect to the app automatically after login complete without going to redirectUrl, and when i try replace the authorization (www.facebook.com/dialogue/oauth?client_id=&response_type=token&redirect_uri=&scope=publish_stream,publish_actions,user_about_me) with send request (http://www.facebook.com/dialog/apprequests?app_id=&message=&redirect_uri=callbackUrl) the result is not the same (send request will not redirect to the app but to the Url, while the authorization will redirect to the App not Url)

ps2. all of this is tested using BlueStack

Really Thanks and Appreciated for any helps , Spacez

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