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The basic error after adding the Flurry Lib while adding the following code in App Delegate

[Flurry startSession:@"MY_API_KEY"];


Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
  "_SCNetworkReachabilityGetFlags", referenced from:
      -[FlurryReachability flurryCurrentReachabilityStatus] in libFlurry_4.2.2.a(libFlurry.a-armv7-master.o)

I am posting the App settings image. Can you please suggest an answer to the error.

Error Log

Project Settings

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You have to add the "SystemConfiguration.framework" file to your project.

On the bottom left corner of the "Link Binary with Libraries" section there should be a "+" sign. Click that and type in SystemConfiguration and click on the result then click "add".

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You have to add both of these frameworks "SystemConfiguration.framework" And "Security.framework"

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