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I have the following encoded url http://test.com/me/test/u/0/~/%5E!0/X10EX1gdFQkVOjUyZDk2ZjZi and the last part of the string contained the actual page name to redirected. I have a index file that decode the url to actual page. Is any possible solution for redirect the actual url using the same enocoded URL via htaccess?

i wrote a hteacces that split the url in index.php

RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d  
RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f  

RewriteRule ^.*$ ./index.php [NE,B,L]

http://test.com/me/test/u/0/~/%5E!0/X10EX1gdFQkVOjUyZDk2ZjZi converted to

http://test.com/me/test/login.php in index.php

I need to redirect the page to login.php and keep the encoded URL..

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It's unclear what you're asking. –  Jason McCreary Jun 25 '13 at 14:57
Don't know with htaccess but you can do this with PHP. –  Yogesh Suthar Jun 25 '13 at 14:57
Does this htaccess redirect correctly? i don´t have much experience with it but it seems to me that you loose track of the encoded part of the url... –  luk2302 Jun 25 '13 at 15:08

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If you are looking for a way to decode the string in the htaccess: no, that is not possible, if it is more complex than just reordering the characters.

What you could do is redirect it to the index.php, let the index decode it and redirect from there again using header(...).

But one question remains: why!?

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M decoded the the url in index.php..but i want to redirect to that decoded page keeping the encoded url..for eg :test.com/me/test/u/0/~/%5E!0/X10EX1gdFQkVOjUyZDk2ZjZi converted to test.com/me/test/login.php and redirect to login.php n keeping the encoded URL –  renjith Jun 25 '13 at 15:03
ah, okay, since you didn´t use the R flag in the htaccess your url doesn´t change during that redirect, but it would if you use header i guess. the easiest way i could think of would be that index.php just INCLUDES the decoded url. –  luk2302 Jun 25 '13 at 15:07

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