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I'm looking for a jQuery tagging/autocomplete plugin where I tags can be inserted mid-order - and control over this is possible with the mouse.

I've gone through everything I can find, but am yet to find a plugin with all the requirements I'm looking for. I'm looking for a Facebook-esque tagging plugin, yet I'll be working with pre-defined phrases, and building them up into a paragraph, so I need to be able to control the order, and potentially insert a new tag in the middle of an existing selection.

The closest I've found to having this functionality is TextBoxList and the 'Facebook Theme' of JQuery TokenInput. Both of these however only allow you to move the cursor between tags with the arrow keys - and I'm looking to be able to mouseclick to control the cursor aswell.

Anyone know anything that's got what I need? A few other key essentials are free-text input (when no tag matches), remote source of data, and form submission, but I'd hope they'll be easier to retro-fit to something else!

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An update for Googlers - I went with jQuery-tokeninput, and have spent the day modifying the library to work with mouse input. When I get time to tidy the code, and check how it works with other themes, I may put a pull request on GitHub, it seems like fairly useful functionality to me.

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Hey chris, Did you able to code for tagging using jquery-tokeninput. I am searching for this functionlity. If you have done that please provide me the code. –  Cindrella Jul 12 '13 at 9:52
Sorry, not sure what you mean...do you mean for allowing free tags? There's a parameter in the jquery-tokeninput library for that. –  Chris Jul 12 '13 at 10:13

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