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How do I share an image through nfc and store it into the database? I have looked into this website and only manage to create the peer to peer connection. As for sharing the image, I came across this post and tried running the demo but I wasn't able to understand any of the code. Is there a simpler method to doing this?

What I have done so far:

 public ExchangeCard()
        ProximityDevice device = ProximityDevice.GetDefault();

        // Make sure NFC is supported
        if (device != null)
        PeerFinder.TriggeredConnectionStateChanged += OnTriggeredConnectionStateChanged;

            // Start finding peer apps, while making this app discoverable by peers


    StreamSocket _streamSocket;

    void OnTriggeredConnectionStateChanged(object sender, TriggeredConnectionStateChangedEventArgs args)
        switch (args.State)
            case TriggeredConnectState.Listening:
                // Connecting as host
            case TriggeredConnectState.PeerFound:
                // Proximity gesture is complete and user can pull their devices away. Remaining work is to 
                // establish the connection using a different transport, like TCP/IP or Bluetooth
            case TriggeredConnectState.Connecting:
                // Connecting as a client
            case TriggeredConnectState.Completed:
                // Connection completed, retrieve the socket over which to communicate
                _streamSocket = args.Socket;
            case TriggeredConnectState.Canceled:
            case TriggeredConnectState.Failed:
                // Connection was unsuccessful
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Check out this sample that does what you want: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/wpapps/PixPresenter-Code-sharing-39ed631f

Essentially the idea is to use PeerFinder (like you started with) and then to open a Socket between the two peers. The relevant code is in PeerConnector.cs.

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Unfortunately, NFC gets complicated. There's quite a bit of plumbing involved to handle peer-to-peer communication seamlessly. It's far too much to put into an answer here on the site, so I will have to resort to links.

You can check out this Nokia article and project to work through your understanding of the plumbing. http://developer.nokia.com/Resources/Library/Lumia/#!code-examples/nfc-talk.html

Then you can take a look at this article to add the image transfer functionality. http://developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Transfer_an_Image_with_NFC

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