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I have the following script to calculate inventory values. However, it is rounding to the nearest whole integer without decimal as opposed to two decimal places. The output is formatted correct, but I believe the issue starts with the way the inputs are read into the JS. The input form is formatted all ready to accept decimal values. Calculations work correctly, but can't output with decimal. I appreciate any help!

function EI() {
var cost,

cost = 1;
BItotal = document.getElementById(''InputBI'').value;
TPtotal = document.getElementById(''InputTP'').value;
TStotal = document.getElementById(''InputTS'').value;
total1 = cost * parseInt(BItotal);
total2 = total1 + parseInt(TPtotal);
total3 = total2 - parseInt(TStotal);
document.getElementById(''total_cost'').innerHTML = total2.toFixed(2);

HTML read out is below:

<input onclick="EI();" type="button" value="Calculate"/><p id="total_cost"></p>
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use parseFloat. –  gdoron Jun 25 '13 at 15:27

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Don't use parseInt() when you want a floating point number, use parseFloat().



parseInt() will round up your decimals automatically to create an Integer output of the value you sent.


parseFloat()"Parses a string argument and returns a floating point number." -MDN

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Thank you for the beginner lesson in JS! –  user2470781 Jun 25 '13 at 15:46

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