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I do an AJAX request from mt front-end with array as parameter. Example of the array:

arr = [13, 56, 43]

When in Grails controller I print params I get arr[]:[13, 56, 43]. However, when in front-end array consists of only one element (arr = [25], for instance), then in controller I get arr[]:32. However, I need the parameter to be the list, like arr[]:[32]. How can I do that?

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In the controller you can use


This will always return a list, with zero, one or more than one element, unlike the basic


which gives you null if there are no arr[] parameter values, the single value if there is one, and a list if there is more than one.

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I think In the controller you can use

List arr = []

arr = params.list


def arr
arr = params.list as List
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