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I have a RESTful API that I have exposed using an implementation of elastic search on an ec2 instance to index a corpus of content. I can can query the search by running the following from my terminal (MacOSX):

curl -XGET 'http://ES_search_demo.com/document/record/_search?pretty=true' -d '{"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"text":{"record.document":"SOME_JOURNAL"}},{"text":{"record.articleTitle":"farmers"}}],"must_not":[],"should":[]}},"from":0,"size":50,"sort":[],"facets":{}}'

How do I turn above into a API request using python/requests or python/urllib2 (not sure which one to go for - have been using urllib2, but hear requests is better...)? Do I pass as a header or otherwise? A bit confused...

Thanks for any help.

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Using requests:

import requests
url = 'http://ES_search_demo.com/document/record/_search?pretty=true'
data = '{"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"text":{"record.document":"SOME_JOURNAL"}},{"text":{"record.articleTitle":"farmers"}}],"must_not":[],"should":[]}},"from":0,"size":50,"sort":[],"facets":{}}'
response = requests.get(url, data=data)

Depending on what kind of response your API returns, you will then probably want to look at response.text or response.json() (or possibly inspect response.status_code first). See the quickstart docs here, especially this section.

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i think, it should be: response = requests.post(url, data=data) –  khoanc Jul 2 at 10:19

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