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I've been trying to perform communication between a kivy GUI module (my server) and another python module (my client). But so far I have problems running the xml rpc server along with the GUI run() function. I still have that problem even after running my server in a thread. I hope someone has suggestions on how to fix my code, or just how to xml-rpc along with kivy.

Here is my code:

import kivy


from kivy.lang import Builder

from kivy.uix.gridlayout import GridLayout

from kivy.app import App

from threading import Thread

from kivy.clock import Clock


class RoamClientInterface(GridLayout):

Sets up connection with XMLRPC server


move = False

driveForward() -> Moves robot forward
def driveForward(self):
    self.move = True

stop() -> stops robot from moving
def stop(self):
    self.move = False

def returnBool(self):
    return self.move

class ClientInterface(App):

def build(self):
    return RoamClientInterface()

def sendCommands(dt):

print "start"
print ""
from SimpleXMLRPCServer import SimpleXMLRPCServer
server = SimpleXMLRPCServer(("localhost", 5000))
print "initialize server"
print ""
print "register instance"
print ""
# while True:

    print "try handle request"
    print ""
    print "print handle request"
    print ""
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    import sys

if __name__ == '__main__':
    serverThread = Thread(target=sendCommands(4))
   # Clock.schedule_once(sendCommands)
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I got to solve the problem. It is actually necessary to put it into a inside the RoamClientInterface to make it work, instead of putting it into my main function like I have it above. I can give more detail info (show code) if anybody needs help

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