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I am migrating an old cvs repository to git. Therefore i try to migrate each project separately. But there are branches and tags which reference several projects. How can i handle this?

Is a migration of the whole cvs repository my only chance ? - in order to migrate all branches and tags in the right way?

I've found some setting options inside the OPTION-FILE of cvs2git:

*In CVS, it is perfectly possible to make a single commit that affects more than one project or more than one branch of a single project. Subversion also allows such commits. Therefore, by default, when cvs2git sees what looks like a cross-project or cross-branch CVS commit, it converts it into a cross-project/cross-branch Subversion commit. However, other tools and SCMs have trouble representing cross-project or cross-branch commits. (For example, Trac's Revtree plugin, is confused by such commits.) Therefore, we provide the following two options to allow cross-project/cross-branch commits to be suppressed. cvs2git only supports single-project conversions (multiple-project conversions wouldn't really make sense for git anyway). So this option must be set to False: ctx.cross_project_commits = False git itself doesn't allow commits that affect more than one branch, so this option must be set to False: ctx.cross_branch_commits = False'*

How does this suppression work? What would be if I set both parameters to true?

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