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I'm calling VBScripts from inside of a VBScript and I want their console output to appear in the window from which I'm calling them. So when I have this code

WScript.Stdout.WriteLine( "Checking out unit tests" )

ObjWshShell.Run "%comspec% \c checkoutUnitTests.vbs", 0, True

the the only output I see is

Checking out unit tests

when I want to see all the output from checkoutUnitTests.vbs concatenated onto that output in the same window. How do I do this?

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You should try to use .Exec and .Stdout.Readline() as in this bare bone demo script:


Option Explicit

Dim oWS : Set oWS = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Echo "A", "mother starts child"
Dim oEx : Set oEx = oWS.Exec("cscript child.vbs")
Do Until oEx.Stdout.AtEndOfStream
   WScript.Echo oEx.Stdout.ReadLine()
WScript.Echo "B", "mother done"


Option Explicit

Dim n
For n = 1 To 5
    WScript.Echo n, "child"


cscript mother.vbs
A mother starts child
1 child
2 child
3 child
4 child
5 child
B mother done


see Pythonic version

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doesn't work for me, opens a new window & all output is in that new window. –  coding_idiot Sep 30 at 6:47
@coding_idiot did you run cscript mother.vbs in a console? –  Ekkehard.Horner Sep 30 at 7:44
I ran cscript mother.vbs in console, which in turn runs cscript child.vbs, this child.vbs opens a new cmd. A new thing here is that child.vbs expects user-input. –  coding_idiot Sep 30 at 8:57
Ask a new question (perhaps referencing to this answer); publish (the important parts of) your child.vbs. –  Ekkehard.Horner Sep 30 at 10:18

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