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I am using this library to add pull to refresh implementation to my app, and my app's listview also contains a headerview or a listheader view list.addHeaderView(headerView);

But I get an error The method addHeaderView(View) is undefined for the type PullToRefreshListView

Maybe the class does not exist? :0 or is there a workaround?


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you should accept an answer – David Karlsson Jun 25 '13 at 17:39
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considering list as instance of PullToRefreshListFragment/PullToRefreshListView

try this:

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The method addHeaderView is not available in the class PullToRefreshListView. You have to use something else. You need to add the header to an actual ListView as below:

final PullToRefreshListView v = (PullToRefreshListView) mRoot.findViewById(;
final ListView lv = v.getRefreshableView();
TextView view = mRoot.findViewById(;
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