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I am new to DOJO toolkit and still learning. I have a situation in which i want to give multiple css classes to the element created by dojo's domConstruct.create() method.

I created table element and four columns - 'td' elements with domConstruct.create() method. each column is styled differently.

I created my class -'errors-alignment' and have existing class 'error'.

If i add inline styles for more styling, it works.

domConstruct.create('td' , { className:'error',style:{....}},...)

className:'error-alignment error' //two classnames do not work either

But i can not have inline styles and can not modify existing class.

Is there anything existing in dojo or css to help me providing multiple css to an element.

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You can do:

var newNode = domConstruct.create('td' , { 'class':'error' }, parentNode);

You can also use dojo/dom-class and dojo/dom-style to modify the class and style of an already existing node.



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