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I recently picked up a project where I need to build some SSIS packages that extract data from a remote Oracle database and load the data into a Sql Server database. The Oracle database is an old 32-bit Oracle 8i database. The Sql Server is 64-bit Sql Server 2008R2.

I can connect to the Oracle database from an old Win XP workstation no problem. When I try and connect from the Sql Server, I can't set a handshake.

I installed The Oracle Client 11g on the Sql Server box, copied the tnsnames file from the Install\Network\Admin\Sample to Install\Network\Admin and added the entry that worked on the XP workstation. When I try and create an ODBC connection using the Oracle ODBC Drviver, I get:

*Unable to connect Sql State=08004 ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified.*1

My guess is that the driver can't find the TNS file. Is there anything else I have to configure? I checked the exception code via duckduckgo and I could not find anything.

Thanks in advance.

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You have to use both of either 64 bit or 32 bit as your machine configuration. Make sure your server configuration is correct.

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OK, I found it I had to go into the Environment variables and define the ORACLE_HOME path. Once I did that, it connected.

This post got me on the right track.


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This might help someone stuck for "identifier not resolved issue": If you have already checked the environment variables : PATH, ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN, please give a close look to tnsnames.ora entry for the given dsn. I had not given proper indentation and it was failing because of that!

Here is the entry with accurate indentation:

<dsn> =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = <server>)(PORT = <port>))
      (SERVICE_NAME = <servicename>) 
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I had a similar problem where I was getting garbage in the TNS Services name list and testing the connection took forever. I found this was caused be a typo in the system environment variable setting for the TNS_ADMIN variable, where I had a space after the directory eg c:\oracle\instantclient_ (where _ is a space) Removed and corrected the list garbage and connected straight away.

Hope this helps.

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