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Supposed this is my view model

function VM()
    var self = this;

    this.Status = ko.observable(false);

    this.A = ko.observable();

    this.B = ko.computed(
            return self.A();
    ).extend( throttle: 200 );


            setTimeout( //ajax simulation



I want a test that verifies status toggles between true and false as A is set but i can't get past the dual async nature of the VM. Is there a way to test this with multiple stop()/start() calls?

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If you only what to test that the Status toggles between true and false I would just subscribe on the Status change and check in the change callback that the first time I get the value true and the second time the value false.

Writing your test this way you would need to have one start/stop pair, something like this:

asyncTest("computed with ajax", function () {
    expect(2); // expecting two asserts, so the Status only changes twice
    var sut = new VM();
    // multiple calls to A to test the throttle behavior
    var callCount = 0;
    var expectedValues = [true, false];
    sut.Status.subscribe(function (value) {
        equal(sut.Status(), expectedValues[callCount]);

Demo JSFiddle.

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that's an interesting approach, it's like Reactive testing, where you verify the event sequence emitting from the observable matches the expectations...i'll have to think about that and try to apply it to my much more complex real VM. – Chris DaMour Jun 25 '13 at 20:45
@ChrisDaMour have you managed to apply this testing idea on your real VM? – nemesv Jun 28 '13 at 8:50
yes i have, thanks – Chris DaMour Jun 28 '13 at 21:21

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