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I have a session manager class that has a session property. I need to pass that into another class as a constructor parameter. How should I configure the installer for castle windsor?


public interface ISessionManager
    ISession CurrentSession { get; set; }

public class SessionManager : ISessionManager
    private ISession _session;
    public ISession CurrentSession
        get { return _session ?? (_session = NHibernateHelper.OpenSession()); }
        set { _session = value; }

public interface IRequest
    TR Execute<TR>(IExecuteManager<TR> executeManager);

public class Request: IRequest
    private readonly ISession _session;

    public Request(ISession session)
        _session = session;
    public TR Execute<TR>(IExecuteManager<TR> executeManager)
        return executeManager.Request(_session);

I've been rooting around in the castle windsor docs but I must be searching for the wrong thing or missing something, because I'm sure it is there, just can't find it.

How should I configure the castle windsor installer so that the SessionManager.CurrentSession is injected into the Request class' constructor? (ref to correct windsor doc or example is totally fine too)

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    .UsingFactoryMethod(() => container
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I changed IService to ISession and was all good. Thanks! I was totally on the wrong track as far as what docs I was referencing for this, but now I'm straightened out. – Fred D. Jun 25 '13 at 18:26

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