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So I have an enterprise version of neo4j 2.0 M3 on a linux server. When I run neo4j-shell it logs the shell commands in my home directory.

Like so

ls -as
4 .                  4 .bash_logout    4 .groovy       4 .java           4 .ssh
4 ..                 4 .bash_profile      4 .emacs                4 .inputrc      4 .kde          4 .pki                                    
72 .bash_history      4 .bashrc            4 .grails               4 .ivy2         4 .mozilla      4 .shell_history

When we go into the shell history we just get a history of shell commands

START n=node(*) RETURN n,labels(n);
START n=node(*) RETURN n,labels(n);

However, it doesn't add a timestamp. How can I have it add a timestamp. I looked in but couldn't find it there. Thanks!

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Echoing my answer from the neo4j ML.

"That existed before, but were for some reason removed. I added a couple of standard bash prompt variables, and you can follow the process here: (a pull request for to-be-released-later version 2.0)." Even the next milestone will likely contain it.

You'd use it for example like:

neo4j-sh (0)$ export PS1="MyPrompt \d \t \W$ "

or specify it directly as an initial session value:

java <arguments for starting shell client> -DPS1="MyPrompt \d \t \W$ "
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