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I have two questions. I am new to python and not fluent enough with all the BIF's in python.

I am developing a website database is on amazon simple db. I am handling all database related queries and code using python scripts. My first question is given an HTML page where the user gives his his login credentials I call in a python script using my handler javascript function send in a post request and get a response from my python script. I can send a post request all right and get the values from sdb for validation. What I need to know is how to send in a response from my script back to my html page which could react to the information given.

My second question is how do I maintain an HTTP session using python?

My python code is given below although it shouldn't make for much since no response code is added:

      organisationID= form['orgID'].value
      username= form['username'].value
      password= form['password'].value
      connection= sdb.get_domain('AdminTable')
      for item in connection:
             if (item.name==username+'$'+organisationID):
      #Now Id like to respond with flag so that login validation can be done
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If I am correctly getting your question what you want to do is to create a small API , Where you send some information to a webpage and get some other . What you can do is once the user is authenticated you should return it a access key that is valid for a short time period . One of the way to send data could be inform of JSON objects . For example if user is authenticated then return


 'KEY'         : 'dklsfeir5rufui435uejhfjh5ewh5rf'


From the next request you can associate this short lived key along the url for access .For example send the next request to abc.py?key=dklsfeir5rufui435uejhfjh5ewh5rf (by get or by post ) . If the key is valid then process the request else send a json response saying error occurred .

The main advantage of using JSON is it can be easily decoded/ encoded for communication (JSON | http://docs.python.org/2/library/json.html ) Secondly as you have generated access key you would not require any session .

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