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I am using the ADO entity framework for the first time and am not sure of the best way of inserting db recored that contain foreign keys.

this is the code that i am using, I would appreciate any comments and suggestion on this.

using (KnowledgeShareEntities entities = new KnowledgeShareEntities())
                Questions question = new Questions();
                question.que_title = questionTitle;
                question.que_question_text = questionText;
                question.que_number_of_views = 0;
                question.que_is_anonymous = isAnonymous;
                question.que_last_activity_datetime = DateTime.Now;
                question.que_timestamp = DateTime.Now;
                question.CategoriesReference.Value = Categories.CreateCategories(categoryId);
                question.UsersReference.Value =  Users.CreateUsers(userId);

                return question.que_id;
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You should use something like

question.UsersReference.EntityKey =  new EntityKey("MyEntities.Users",
    "ID", userId);

You don't have to have User object to set up foreign key, just use ID.

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Thanks for the info! – richard hartz Nov 16 '09 at 13:30

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