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I looked through the questions here on StackOverflow and Googled around for an example of setting up a Basic NIF project in rebar for wrapping a C++ library.

I used to library project on GitHub as a guide:

My project is here:

When I do a rebar compile && rebar eunit, I get a failure in the eunit test because it cannot find

$ rebar compile && rebar eunit 
==> emutton (compile)
==> emutton (eunit)
*** test module not found ***

=ERROR REPORT==== 25-Jun-2013::12:21:55 ===
The on_load function for module emtn returned {error,
                                                "Failed to load NIF library: 'dlopen(/.../source/emutton/priv/, 2): image not found'"}}
  Failed: 0.  Skipped: 0.  Passed: 0.
One or more tests were cancelled.
ERROR: One or more eunit tests failed.
ERROR: eunit failed while processing /.../source/emutton: rebar_abort

When I call rebar compile, it is only producing a single driver file, and no

$ tree priv 

0 directories, 1 file

I have an echo statement in c_src/ that I don't see output when I call rebar clean. It seems to behave as though my pre_hook and post_hook in rebar.config are completely ignored:

{pre_hooks, [{compile, "c_src/"}]}.
{post_hooks, [{clean, "c_src/ clean"}]}.

Examples of no output shown from rebar:

$ rebar compile 
==> emutton (compile)
$ rebar clean 
==> emutton (clean)

Because I have cloned tuncer's RE2 bindings project and when I do a rebar compile see output from his script. The permissions on mine match those on his:

-rwxr-xr-x  1 ajl  staff   891B Jun 25 12:30 c_src/

Any idea what I'm missing here? I believe that rebar is configured correctly to call out to the script and do the compilation.

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Your problem is that the line in your rebar.config

Doesn't match what you attempt to load

You should either change the rebar.config to

{port_specs, [{"priv/",["c_src/emtn_nif.c"]}]}.

and change emtn.erl to

erlang:load_nif(filename:join(PrivDir, "emtn"), 0).  % ?MODULE is an atom, I believe you need a string

Or change emtn.erl to

erlang:load_nif(filename:join(PrivDir, "emtn_drv"), 0).
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Thank Nym - I opted for the second approach. I didn't see how to control the name for the shared library, it was always "" (no matter how I named the files/etc). Here the committed changes:… – lenards Jun 25 '13 at 21:19
I actually figured out my problem, my rebar.config file was actually named "rebar.config ", with two spaces at the end. I hate to even admit I made this mistake, but I had to admit to the folks on rebar mailing list that were nice enough to try and answer my question. So, stupid mistake on my part. Now that I have rebar.config correctly named, the & are properly built in /priv/. – lenards Jun 25 '13 at 22:02

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