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I have to refactor some areas of my app to use the streaming API in Gson, but very quickly I'm running into a strange problem I'm not sure how to get around. The following constructor on my class receives a JsonReader and is supposed to loop through the properties of the object. LogCat shows the name of the first property output, then an exception "Expected a name but was BOOLEAN". I only asked for the name using reader.nextName(). What gives?

JSON Object:


Class constructor:

public AppLocation(JsonReader reader){

        try {
                final String pName = reader.nextName();
                final boolean isNull = reader.peek() == JsonToken.NULL;
                    Log.d("MENET", pName);
        } catch (IOException e) {
            Log.e("MENET", e.getMessage());

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The streaming method of using this reader works with "elements" i.e. names or values.

So after the first "element", which is a name, you would get a value.

Except your code is calling reader.nextName() which is why it says "Expected a name..."

There is a good example on the Android site under JsonReader:

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