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I made an autogenerated movie clip using JES (Jython Environment for Students).

I can play it without any problem using playMovie(), but I can't figure out how to have it saved physically on disk.

The full script is located here.

movie = synthesizeFrameAndCreateMovie("D:\\FOLDER")
print movie
writeQuicktime(movie,"D:\\FOLDER\\movie.mov", 30)             [LINE 35]

I get this error when calling the function writeQuicktime():

======= Loading Progam =======
Movie, frames: 60
The error was: Index: 0, Size: 0
I wasn't able to do what you wanted.
The error java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException has occured
Please check line 35

Note : I also tried the function writeAVI(), with the exact same result.

This error sounds like a java bug in Jython/JES library.

I am running JES under Windows 7 and have all the common Quicktime and AVI codex installed as well as the QTjava library in my jre... Any brilliant idea ?


Also tried the Linux version with same scenario for both QuickTime and AVI...

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Well, the answer is: Do not use .pngs as input frames, use .jpgs instead. See the related topic here. Thanks Yve for the workaround.

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