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Can any one help me to get DynamicResource Binding in WPF by code?

I have set binding Like follow,

TextBlock Background={DynamicResource ColorA} Name="TB" in Xaml.

and i need to get the - TB's background is binded to "ColorA". how can i access this DynamicResource Binding Expression in WPF by coding. when i try to get TB.Background, it is white(#FFFFF..) or if i already given the value to the Resorce key "ColorA" that will be given. but i want to get this Binding Expression. Thank in advance for your Help.

I think my Question wasn't clear. I want to get What Reource Binding was done to the "TB" in Xaml by code. But the aren't any TB.GetResourceReference. I Want some think like that. Where that Binding expression is kept in WPF. I need to get the TB's BackgroundProperty was Binded to Which( answer "ColorA") key? thank a lot for sudden response.

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You can use the FrameworkElement.SetResourceReference method:


Provided your xaml has this:

<TextBlock x:Name="TB">

You can write this in the code behind:

TB.SetResourceReference(BackgroundProperty, "ColorA");
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This is a great answer on how to create a DynamicResource binding in code. Not an answer to the OP's question, unfortunately, but well written & may help others who get here looking for this answer. +1 – Ray Burns Nov 14 '09 at 17:57

You can use this:

YourControl.Style = this.FindResource(NameOfYourStyleForThisControl) as Style;
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