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I have a batch file that mysqlpdump into a directory share folder that has a space in the dir name.

@echo off
set datefix=%DATE%
set datefix=%DATE:/=-%

mysqldump -u -p mydb > C:\Weird Dir\backup\%datefix%.sql

Creates this error:

mysqldump: Couldn't find table: "Dir\backup\06-25-13.sql"

I've tried googling for the syntax of using a directory name but can't find anything. Tried setting full path as variable and then including and concat the string but it gives me a syntax error.

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mysqldump -u -p mydb > "C:\Weird Dir\backup\%datefix%.sql"

put the whole path in double quotes.

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DOUBLE QUOTES. Ugh. Was using single. Thanks. "I don't write batch files often. But when I do, I use improper syntax." –  tPlummer Jun 25 '13 at 20:48

Will this work?

mysqldump -u -p mydb > "C:\Weird Dir\backup\"%datefix%.sql
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No. Close double quotes. –  David Jashi Jun 25 '13 at 20:49

mysqldump -u -p mydb > "C:\Weird Dir\backup\%datefix%.sql"

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