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I have a data frame that looks like:

                uri month
1 /product/product2   Jun
2 /product/product3   Jun
3 /product/product3   Jun
4      /feeds/press   Jun
5 /product/product3   Jun
6 /product/product3   Jun

I want to create another data frame that looks like

uri                       Jan          Feb        Mar             etc.
/product/product2         1938         5785       4842
/feeds/press              523894       34829      398423

These numbers are all examples (not the real totals)

I was able to create something like this using:

#Reorder Months in Calendar Year for /demo URI
demo_month = as.matrix(
as.matrix(summary(uri_month[uri_month$uri == "/demo", "month" ]))

such that demo_month looks like

Jan 12845
Feb 11716
Mar 11627
Apr 11005
May 12362
Jun 12360
Jul 12688
Aug 11526
Sep 11105
Oct  2544
Nov 17056
Dec 14137

Essentially, I would want to repeat the code I used for the /demo uri for each level. I know I can do it manually and just replace "/demo", then combine it, but I have 130 different types of URI. I'm a beginner in R, and would prefer to not use any packages. I believe I would need to use tapply() somehow.


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It may seem to me that you want to reshape the data. Although, you may not prefer to use any package, it would be easy to solve using reshape2 package. Here is the example. – Metrics Jun 25 '13 at 22:24

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I'm not sure if I completely understand your question, but I believe the following code will reorder the months in the year for each row in your matrix, then save them as columns into a new matrix. I hope this helps:

for(i in 1:nrow(uri_month)){
  m[,i] = as.matrix(as.matrix(summary(uri_month[uri_month[i,], "month" ]))
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I decided to approach my issue another way (sorting by month, instead of uri). Thank you though, I needed to use your code for another issue I had. :) – camelarms Jun 26 '13 at 16:28

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