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I installed Hadoop version 1.0.3 and its related eclipse plugin successfully. All the Hadoop functionalities and examples are working pretty well, but when I want to use its plugin on eclipse, it could not connect to hdfs and I get the error:

An internal error occurred during: "Connecting to DFS localhost". org/apache/commons/configurati­on/Configuration.

could anybody help me how to solve this problem! Thanks

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You are facing this problem because the plugin is missing some necessary jars. In order to solve the problem you need to rebuild the plugin after including the necessary jars. I have seen this kind of questions a lot on SO, and they all point out to the same thing. Please see these links :

Eclipse Hadoop plugin issue(Call to localhost/ )Can any body give me the solution for this?

Hadoop eclipse mapreduce is not working?

Installing Hadoop's Eclipse Plugin

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I did follow the following blog instructions to make Hadoop eclipse plugin 1.0.4 : http://iredlof.com/part-4-compile-hadoop-v1-0-4-eclipse-plugin-on-ubuntu-12-10/

but it seems it has some missing parts like:

in MANIFEST.MF you should add:


and in build-contrib.xml you should also add:

<property name="commons-cli.version" value="1.2"/>

I hope these are useful!

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you must run hadoop with command line first!!

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