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I want to use imagesc to crop and display a black and white (grayscale?) image. However, it keeps displaying the image in rgb, making it look like it came from an infra-red camera! Any tips for preserving the original colors?

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You need to change the color map. After you run imagesc use colormap(Gray)

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Ah yes, thank you very much! – blaughli Jun 25 '13 at 22:28
Though I'm still curious about why it chose to display my Gray image in RGB! – blaughli Jun 25 '13 at 22:33
@blaughli: Because your "Gray image" is likely actually an indexed color image (i.e., a 2-D matrix, rather than a 3-D RGB image) where the values in the image array are meaningless without an associated colormap. This is pretty much the default for most Matlab functions. – horchler Jun 25 '13 at 23:04
If you want an actual "Gray image" you can use RGB images. The three channels need to be identical: IMG=repmat(rand(100),[1 1 3]); imagesc(IMG);. Of course this takes more memory... – horchler Jun 25 '13 at 23:10
Thanks horchler, that's good to know! – blaughli Jun 25 '13 at 23:13

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