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I am looking for a good open source (or low cost) way to perform CHAID analysis. My favorite language is python, but R is ok too. OS X is a must.

I've found this package for R: but can not find documentation on how to use it.

Anyone aware of good documentation of how to do CHAID analysis in an OS X environment? I'd like to avoid the SPSS / Answer Tree based solutions.

Thank you.

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I recently wrote an open-source package in python for CHAID here – Rambatino Jun 22 at 14:21
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The package is documented and the code is relatively simple. Here an exmple from the help of chaid:


### fit tree to subsample
USvoteS <- USvote[sample(1:nrow(USvote), 1000),]
ctrl <- chaid_control(minsplit = 200, minprob = 0.1)
chaidUS <- chaid(vote3 ~ ., data = USvoteS, control = ctrl)

enter image description here

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Neat! I'm relatively new to R and didn't think to look inside R for the documentation. I was expecting to find documentation somewhere on the web. Thanks for your answer.. This may be enough to get me started. – Jake Lowen Jun 26 '13 at 1:47
Hey @agstudy - just curious: are you available for a couple hours of paid tutoring? I'd appreciate some professional guidance on learning to adopt this technique in a variety of data sets. If interested my email is in profile. Hit me up with a rate. – Jake Lowen Jun 26 '13 at 2:02
How did you generate the graphic? – Chris Aug 26 '14 at 15:42

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